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Let’s Bake Christmas Cookies

Since we cannot do our traditional Sunday School cookie decorating session because of COVID 19 restrictions, we are hosting “Dough Holy Night” this year. This is a fun and interactive experience designed for your family to do at home. Together you’ll bake a batch of Christmas cookies and, along the way, hear the story of the very first Christmas. Best of all, there’s a video that walks you step-by-step through the entire experience.

Access the video and materials to get started. When prompted, enter the following password: LETSDOUGH (all caps). Jesus is a gift worth sharing, so feel to share this link with your friends and neighbors so they can enjoy the fun with you. You can pick a day and time, and bake away. Then you can share photos of your cookies, and discuss the lesson via Facebook, Zoom or other media.

Remember that Jesus is the sweetest part of Christmas!

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