Warm Nights


Trinity will be hosting Warm Nights during the week of February 2 – February 9. This is a county-wide program where local churches provide overnight shelter to

Individuals who need to escape the cold temperatures. Individuals stay at area churches for a week, and are provided breakfast, a sack lunch, and an evening meal. Participants are vetted—they basically are the working poor. Most have jobs, but do not yet have enough saved to secure a deposit on an apartment. The program works with participants to find permanent housing.

Here are three ways you can help.

OVERNIGHT VOLUNTEERS: While the program provides a staff member on site that is awake all night, we are required to have two adults stay overnight. These volunteers arrive at 8 pm and stay until 7 am the next morning.

PROVIDE A DINNER: Each evening, we provide our guests a warm meal. We are looking for assistance in providing a meal, especially on nights during the week, i.e., Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. We usually have about 30 guests and 6 or more volunteers.

PROVIDE FOOD: We need bread, sandwich meat, fruit and breakfast items in order to provide our guests a breakfast, a sack lunch, and snacks.

PRAY FOR OUR GUESTS: We also ask that you pray for our guests. We specifically pray that we can help them have a pleasant and restful stay with us, that they find permanent housing, and that they know there is a community and a Savior that loves them.

Please contact Cindy Chagnon or Judy Weizel (240-461-0292) for more information.

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